hourly america fundraising 35%

UPDATE: We’ve reached 35% of our goal for Hourly America!

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Happy Friday!

As of this morning, we’ve reached 35% of our fundraising goal! (Squeal) A huge, big, colossal thank you to everyone who has given to our campaign so far.

I’m thinking of offering a free download for a song a friend of ours wrote for Hourly America to everyone who shares or gives to our campaign over the weekend. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Keep reading for more details on the campaign, and I’ll keep updating this post as we continue to raise funds.

Last week, we launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the post production process for our first-ever documentary, Hourly America. (Indiegogo is an online crowdsourcing platform that helps films, musicians, inventors, and others raise money for their projects.)

We’re raising $20,000 to propel us through this final stage of editing to premier Hourly America this Labor Day (eeeeek!!!)hourly america fundraising 35%



Here is a breakdown of how the funds will be used:

  • $14,000 for editing team
  • $2,000 for equipment & software for editing
  • $500  for office space
  • $1,500 for an after effects designer
  • $2,000 for music licensing (this stuff is expensive!)

Spending our first year of marriage traveling to all fifty states was life-changing and magnificent in all the best ways. We’ve filmed everything we can. We met amazing people and captured moving stories from workers across the country.  Now we want to do those people justice by putting out the best possible film we can make.

In the past year, many of you have commented or emailed me asking how editing is going. I almost always responded with some sort of sad face emoji and complained that I had no idea what I was doing (truth).

That’s why we hired a professional editor to come alongside us and teach us how to edit our first film. Heath and I have a rule in our marriage to always be learning new things, but to only learn one new thing at a time. If we try to take on too many new things at once–like fundraising money and editing our film all on our own–we get overwhelmed, stressed, and we take it out on each other. Plus, our work suffers.

When you support Hourly America, you’re helping make our documentary even better. You’re helping share the stories of everyday people we met on the road who wouldn’t otherwise have their voices heard. And, if you want to get technical, you’re helping pay our editor’s salary, since he’s the magic behind making this movie happen.

Plus, you can earn rewards for supporting us through Indiegogo. Rewards like a “Franklin the RV” t-shirt, a flash drive with a copy of the film + bonus features inside, an associate producer credit, or you can even hire Heath for a half-day of labor. (He’s a really good worker, trust me!)

If you’d like to support Hourly America, you can give to our Indiegogo campaign here. If you can’t give financially, I’d love if you could share our campaign with your friends 🙂

PS If you haven’t seen it already, here’s our Hourly America Trailer! Comment below and tell me what you think!