funding the life you want with technorv

RVE 146: Funding the Life You Want with Techno RV

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We always felt that if we failed, we did not see failure as an option, but we always said it’s not like we couldn’t go back and get a job in education or HR or workcamp – we just knew we were not going to accept failure of RVing full-time. The goal was never to buy a business and become wealthy. That was never the goal; the goal was to find a way to fund the life we wanted. We knew we could succeed at that.

Eric & Tami’s story

Tired of their jobs and paying for things they felt they were obligated to, Eric and Tami began to think of a life on the road. After many conversations about what their lives would look like full-time RVing, Eric and Tami went on the hunt for their new remote careers. That’s when they came upon

What Eric & Tami do

Coming from an education and HR background respectively, Eric and Tami took a jump to learn the skill of e-commerce. After learning many new skills and putting in the time, Eric and Tami decided to buy Techno RV. Over time, they have changed the website and what they sell online, but they wanted to keep the essence of Techno RV – education and quality customer service.

Other things we talk about in this episode

  • All business endeavors have risk
  • Building your business while you’re still working is key
  • Funding the life you want
  • Research on how to buy a business without much experience
  • Look out for new markets to tap into
  • Seeing money as a tool
  • Staying engaged with your customers
  • Utilizing video for your business
  • Growing their business 700% in one year
  • The prospect of starting something new


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