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RVE 0037: How to Find Free Camping Using Boondockers Welcome

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Today on the podcast I’m interviewing Marianne Edwards and her daughter Anna Maste, who are the two co-founders of Boondockers Welcome.  Boondockers Welcome is a website where RVers can find free camping (aka boondocking spots) all over the country.

Marianne has been RVing and boondocking around the country for over a decade.  She has been featured in the New York Times, built a large following on her blog at Frugal RV Travel, and written several guides on how to find epic boondocking spots.

A few things we talk about on this episode:

  • What is boondocking and how to find the best spots for free camping
  • How Marianne travels full-time on $1,500/month by finding free camping spots
  • What Boondockers Welcome has to offer for RVers
  • Ways to look for free camping and other boondocking opportunities

Update on Boondockers Welcome

In 2021, Harvest Hosts purchased Boondockers Welcome. Harvest Hosts has been our favorite RV membership for years. (It allows you to camp for free on wineries, farms, and other gorgeous places. By far, it is our most recommended way to camp!)

Now as part of Harvest Hosts, you can also stay at Boondockers Welcome locations. With thousands of places to camp for free, the free overnight stays on private property offer a great alternative for crowded RV parks or public land.

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