Our First Workamping Experience: Filming an RV Park Video

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I HATE when we stay in one place for more than a month. We have a house on wheels, why not always be moving and exploring new things? There’s one good reason: our first workamping experience!

Well, it’s more of a work exchange really. We’re filming a video for the RV park where we are camping, which means we are going on tons of little adventures for their video (coming soon!).

In this vlog episode we decided to document the process of exploring San Marcos, Texas as we film their video (but the best part is getting to play in the river that runs right through this RV park!) Enjoy!


Bonus: You’ll see near the end of the video that our microphone is making a horrible sound and distorting our voices, which means this vlog is much shorter than anticipated. We are looking to get that fixed ASAP.

Where We’re Camping:

Pecan Park Riverside Campground


We’ve mentioned a few times in our newsletters and on Instagram that we’ve been camping here since December. Incidentally, we’ve had a bunch of people who follow our blog show up here and hang out with us, which has been amazing!

pecan park riverside san marcos texas

We’ve really enjoyed this RV park for a few reasons, but community is definitely at the top of the list!


Things to Do in San Marcos:

Endless Shopping

If you’re a shopper, there’s no better place in central Texas than the Outlets in San Marcos. They have every store that you could possibly imagine and then some. We got lost in the giant parking lot like seven times and somehow managed to leave without buying anything.

Glassbottom Boat Tours at Aquarena Springs

I’ve never seen water flowing up through the ground into a lake until this tour. And let me tell you, it looks really cool. For $15 you can take a 30 minute tour of the lake learning about the history of the area, how the springs were formed, and checking out the rare landscape. Completely worth it!

The Commemorative Air Force Museum

The owners of the RV park really pressured us to include this museum in their video, but filming museums is usually off limits or incredibly boring. However, I’m so, SO glad they pushed us to go! This isn’t your classic museum. It’s an active flight hangar with some incredible rare WWII airplanes. You can climb into the planes, explore, and even go on rides during active season (for a fee). I’m not a huge museum person, but I definitely recommend visiting! Plus, it’s free.

Tube or Kayak the San Marcos River

This biggest draw to San Marcos is the river. I remember coming down here for vacations when I was younger just to float the river. You aren’t Texan until you’ve floated the river.

As we learned from our tour at Aquarena Springs, the water that feeds the river is 72 degrees year round, which makes for great year round adventures. Since I’ve now jumped in the river, I can definitively say that it’s really not that cold! Perfect kayaking water, if you ask me.



The real reason we are camping here for the winter. An indoor hot tub and pool AND a river. This is a water bug’s heaven.

Thing to Eat:

Rhea’s Ice Cream(!)

Some ice cream shops say that they serve homemade ice cream, but this is really homemade. You can taste it in the culinary perfection of every bite. They have a wide variety of bizarre flavors, but I cannot recommend s’more flavor enough. It’s everything good about RVing in ice cream form.

Kent Black’s BBQ

When in Texas, am I right? Kent Black isn’t the best BBQ in the world (That would be Franklin’s in Austin. Oh. My. God.), but it is local to San Marcos. We’ve tried the pork and the brisket and both were completely delicious. Plus, we visited on a Tuesday when all BBQ sandwiches are half off. I love food even more when it’s cheap! I highly recommend grabbing the smoked cabbage with bacon and the pecan cobbler for sides. Okay now I’m hungry.

The Root Cellar

If you’re looking to dine in downtown San Marcos, this is the place to go. You enter street level and somehow end up dining underground. Total hipster vibes and the best fried asparagus I’ve ever had. (Also the only fried asparagus I’ve ever had.)

We’re still hanging out in San Marcos for another week before heading west to Fredericksburg for the RVE Summit. If you’re in the area and want to come say hi, let us know! 🙂