Hello First Monday of 2016! (Go Away Now)

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It’s 11:59 PM on the first Monday of 2016 and I’m wide awake. This is truly an astounding feat, considering Heath and I are often made fun of for taking naps and going to bed early. Tonight we crawled into bed around nine–our bodies and minds exhausted in a way that only the first Monday of a new year will do to you.

But clearly, sleep evades me. After tossing and turning and trying to still my mind for a couple hours, I’ve retreated here: sitting on the living room floor in the dark, covered in a soft blue throw blanket next to a weak space heater with my back leaned against the couch, where three furnace vents make my skin tingle as if on fire in a comforting sort of way. It’s 25 degrees outside in Alabama tonight and all that wintry air is cutting straight through my fleece lined socks.

3:58 AM – 20 hours ago. Have I really been awake for twenty hours straight?

That’s when I was jolted awake by the most terrifyingly real nightmare of all time. I know Heath and I have watched too many crime shows lately (Psych and Arrow, both of which I recommend), because I dreamed that Heath strangled someone and we had to dispose of the body. (We chose to dispose of the body at the police station, in case you wondering. Clearly we would make great criminals.)

I tossed and turned until sunrise finding restless sleep until  I rolled out of bed, coaxed by the words I put your coffee on. It was 6:25 am. I enjoyed a full 25 minutes of snoozing alarms like a pro, apparently.

By nine, I had clicked items off my New Year’s Resolution list  by reading, journaling, stretching, doing research for a client, making pancakes, and creating my week’s to do list (which incidentally is way more fun, since Heath bought me a Day Designer for Christmas). I think I was more productive this morning than I was in the entire month of December.

I’ve always found the first week of the year to be unexpectedly stressful. We spend half of December sleeping in, eating all day, spending time with friends or family, and then we turn around in January, full of hope and dreams and resolutions and we try to hit the ground running.

Judging from my Facebook feed this morning, which was mostly filled with memes and GIFs of children crying, animals sleeping, and people generally complaining about the Mondayness of today, you probably felt really Monday today.

Trust me, I’m feeling the Monday. I’m really feeling the Monday.

But technically, now it’s Tuesday. We made it through arguably the hardest day of the year. The first Monday. The first day back to school or work or normalcy.

Monday is over and we’ve done all that we can do. (Except sleep, apparently. I haven’t done any of that.)

I’ve read a lot of blog posts in the past week about New Year’s Resolutions. How to make em, why to make em, how to keep em, when to break em, and where to post them.

This year, I noticed a lot of talk about letting go of 2015. Not the whole “new year, new you” crap, but the idea of closing the books on 2015. Of knowing there’s no way to go back, accepting your failures, learning from those regrets or mistakes, and celebrating the wins.

This thought has permeated the way I think about 2016, and consequently, the way I think about Mondays.

If you follow Heath on Instagram–he has an iPhone 6S and takes stunning photos, while I lament losing my phone in 2014 and using an old iPhone 4 camera–you know this is our first week in Florence, Alabama, where we settling in for two months to finish editing Hourly America.

As we edit, as we learn how to work with an employee, as we learn how to write a script, score a film, and get people to watch our movie, I want to hold onto this idea of closing the books. The day is over and cannot be changed. I must accept my failures, like when I spoke over others because talking is easier than listening. I must celebrate the wins, like how Heath and I signed on our first office together this afternoon or how we decided on a name for our production company.

The first Monday of 2016 is over–Praise the Lord–and Tuesday is here. A new day. Welcome to 2016.

PS Our travel calendar is only planned through April 9th and we need your help filling in the rest of the year! Where should Merica the Brave visit in 2016? See our 2016 travel calendar here and plan our route!


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  • I totally feel that way about 2015 but mostly because it wasn’t that great. I’m ready to take on 2016!

    It sounds like the new year has a lot of exciting adventures in store for you guys 🙂

    • Woo hoo 2016! We are working on lots of adventures. What about you? What’s your big 2016 goal?

      • Love me some adventures!!!

        Umm… I’ll have to get back to you on that because I haven’t finished goal-setting buuuuuut right now I’m thinking my big goal might be to drop some weight. Also: new job, new car?

        • Ah, classic resolutions for sure. I tried on my bridesmaid dress a couple weeks ago and it was practically impossible to zip! So weight is on my list too. A new car would be exciting! I think we’re finally old enough now that buying a new car isn’t seen as like a quarter life crisis call for help and is really just a practical decision!

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