RVE 219: How to Find New Clients Using Linkedin

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How do you get new clients for your business?

This is one of the biggest hurdles to starting and growing a new business. Even people who have been in business for years struggle with finding new clients sometimes!

In today’s episode, Candyce Edelen is sharing how she uses Linkedin to source business leads. As an entrepreneur, I’d kind of written off LinkedIn as being a place where people look for a new job.

But Candyce explains how it can be the #1 tool to keep your business actively growing and find new clients, plus step-by-step how you can use the platform to find new clients.

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I’ve seen a lot of companies who hire RVers, and this is one that you can make a near full-time income almost immediately. You’ll receive training for the software, be able to park your RV right on the job sites, and run the whole business from your RV. One requirement is that you do have a motorized RV.

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