Exploring Denton, Texas (And our new baby nephew!)

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It’s always difficult to be a tourist in your hometown. In this vlog episode, we meet up with our friends Kelsey and Dallas to explore Denton, Texas, my hometown!




Things To Do in Denton, Texas

The Square

Historic downtown Denton has come a long way since I was a kid. There’s always been a couple old thrift stores and an ice cream parlor, but in recent years, it’s exploded with more restaurants and boutiques. Every time we make it back home to visit my family, we stop by the Square for a visit. Places to Eat Downtown: LSA (Lone Star Attitude), Barley & Board, 940, Rusty’s Tacos, Rooster’s, basically anywhere.

Beth Marie’s Ice Cream

A classic 1950s style ice cream parlor featuring homemade ice cream in every flavor you can possibly imagine. Heath ordered Cookie Monster, vanilla ice cream with Oreos and cookie dough and I ordered Cafe Latte (AKA coffee flavor) and covered it in hot fudge. It was perfect.

Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch

I had never heard of this place until Kelsey mentioned it, even though it’s only 15 minutes from my parents’ house. This wildlife ranch features a shocking amount of animals, including sloths, lemurs, and of course giant black bears. We ate the Bear’s Den, a pizzeria with seriously amazing junk food options.

What We Ordered:

  • Bear Cub Salad
  • Cheese Fries with Bacon (Seriously cannot overstate how amazing these were)
  • Four Cheese Pizza on Gluten Free Crust
  • Cheeseburger chicken wings
  • Cheeseburger pizza

I highly recommend eating all the junk food and then walking laps around the downtown Square like we did to attempt to burn it all off.

We spent most of our time in Denton visiting my grandmother in the hospital and anxiously awaiting our nephew’s arrival! So naturally this wasn’t our most on-screen exciting week. Next week we are back in the RV and heading out to Fredericksburg for our first ever RV Entrepreneur Summit! Stay tuned 🙂