I’m Writing My First Ebook and This is What It’s About

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The question I’m most often asked by other people my age is, “How did you get that opportunity?”

Sometimes it’s a simple answer like “I asked for it.” Other times, the answer is not so simple.

That is precisely the reason why I’ve decided to turn this story into a short ebook.

First of all, I’m a little nervous. All my life I’ve wanted to be a “writer” and now that the time is here, I just know I’m going to fail. Or at least that’s the little voice in the back of my head.

I’ve been writing more and more over the last few years and finally feel I have some knowledge I would like to share with others. Up until now, I’ve really just written about whatever was on my mind or whatever was going on in my life. Although there’s been a central theme (Heath’s life), there wasn’t always a clear direction of what I was going to post. Now that I’ve had some life experience and cool opportunities come my way, I want to share them.

Do you remember Steve Job’s Harvard commencement speech back in 2006? He talked about how it’s really hard to connect the dots going forward, but going backward they always seemed to make sense. That’s how my idea for this short book came about. I started to examine the trends of my own writing and began connecting the dots.

There were a few things I needed to do before beginning the process of writing an ebook.

My first step was to shake the fear of failure. So what if only my parents download my book? That’s basically my entire readership as is. I really have nothing to lose.

Bam. Done. Next step.

Dive into my old blogs and start looking for common ground.

I noticed themes of my writing. Sometimes I was in a funny mood, sometimes I was in a pumped up mood, and occasionally I’d write posts with a flare of anger. I didn’t notice a difference between the quality of the posts. So I decided to look at subjects that found themselves intertwined throughout my blogs.

It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I mulled over it for several weeks before I finally realized the subject I talk about most often.


Yes, work. I talk about work roughly 90% of the time. Sometimes that’s inspiring people to not settle in their work, other times it’s actually writing about my current work, and the other portion of the time I’m just sharing my generic ideas on work.

I’m not sure why I’ve found myself tilted so far towards this fascination of work, but I have. I’ve even went as far as to quit my job in order to travel the country for 7 months. And why? To gain more perspective on why other people work for a living. I really am fascinated by hearing people talk about what they do. I want to know more, always.

On any given day Alyssa has to pull me out of Starbucks because I’m knee deep in the barista’s life story about how they just moved here from South Africa and are pursuing a college degree. Crazy, right? I know, I’m interested too. But this isn’t about their story right now. It’s about mine.

Now that I’ve established my love of work, the next step of my preparation in writing was to define my worldview of work and my audience. Without going into too much “meat” of the book, here’s a quick intro to my worldview and audience.

Our work takes up a huge portion of our lives, so we have to make it something meaningful. Not everyone is fortunate enough to do something they love. But we all have a choice in how we approach our work. A choice in our mindset. 

Who I’m writing to:

My message is for entrepreneurial type or anyone who wants to live an unconventional life doing something they love. If you want to stand out and create opportunities for yourself, I’m writing to you.

In the short guide (I’m calling it a guide, because it really is), you’ll learn how to create more opportunities by building. My own definition of building is to have an idea that you turn into a physical reality. My focus will be much more on the momentum you can create for yourself by just taking any form of action on an idea, and how to land solid mentorships, jobs, and other opportunities that come from building ideas.

Nobody that I’ve ever met had all of the resources they needed to make a project successful before they began.

You have to be bold enough to start building before you have all the resources. That’s what makes all of this so exciting. Yes, you’re crazy for doing it but that’s why you’re going to attract so many other crazy people. Crazy in a good way.

The last step in choosing to write an ebook was honestly just making the decision to do it. I’ve put off trying to publish something for so long because I kept telling myself I wasn’t ready. However, my last sentence contradicts itself in my guide because I tell people that you have to take action before you’re ready. So I guess I have to write this, whether I’m ready or not. Otherwise that would make me a hypocrite. And I don’t want to be one of those.

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