RVE 228: Creating & Selling Pewter Cast Jewelry with Hailey Lynn

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Today’s episode is sponsored by ID Plans (and it’s actually less of a sponsorship than it is an opportunity). ID Plans is a software and service company based in Tampa Florida that provides solutions for property managers.  Over the past 20 years ID Plans has been able to hire a number of full-time RVers who help survey commercial properties and they are currently looking to hire 3-5 more additional RV teams.

I’ve seen a lot of companies who hire RVers, and this is one that you can make a near full-time income almost immediately. You’ll receive training for the software, be able to park your motorized RV right on the job sites, and run the whole business from your RV.

You can request more information at [email protected].

Hailey and her boyfriend always talked about living differently. Maybe a tiny house or a straw-bale construction. An RV turned out to be the perfect new home.

And when they pictured RV life, Hailey always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. She wanted the freedom that so many of us hit the road searching for. She took her skills in pewter casting and started making jewelry, which turned into her first business: Lynn Mineral.

Listening to Hailey share how much money they were making early on and how proud they were to be making any money on their own gave me major flashbacks to our first couple years on the road where we made so little money. I want to say we made $14,000 our first year and every $20 check meant so much to us because it was proof that starting our own business and traveling was actually going to be possible. And that’s how Hailey describes her first two months of RV life.

Hailey & Heath also cover:

  • Fees with selling at farmers markets and craft fairs
  • Giving up a steady paycheck to make less but do what you love
  • The process of pewter casting on the road
  • Her failed plan to sell B2B and her quick pivot to B2C
  • How Hailey markets her jewelry online
  • Hailey’s vision for her business moving forward

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