RVE 124: What We Wish Someone Had Told Us About Blogging Before We Started

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What does it take to build a blog that reaches millions?

what we wish someone told us about bloggingEric and Brittany Highland are co-founders of The Austinot, a hyperlocal blog about the city of Austin, TX, which has a social media following of more than 83,000 and earned nearly 1.5 million pageviews in 2017. The duo actively runs a ridiculous number of other blogs and social media communities related to RV travel and Jeep adventuring.

Beyond The Austinot, they founded a boutique online marketing company in 2011, where they have a special passion for micro businesses.

All this has been done from a 40-foot diesel motorhome, ever since the Highlands sold everything in 2014 and began to travel full-time. The couple is blessed to explore with their one-year-old, #BabyNomad. The menagerie on wheels is complete with two rescue cats named Rhythm and Blues.

In this podcast, they share their blogging expertise and everything they wish they knew before they started their first blog.

What Eric & Brittany Teach in this Podcast

Why start a blog?

  1. Credibility
  2. Influence
  3. Building a Tribe
  4. Search engine Visibility
  5. Income

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How much does starting a blog cost?

  • Hosting: $4/month (this will go up as your traffic increases!)
  • Domain: $15
  • WordPress: Free

How to choose a theme

1. Mobile responsive
2. Navigation bar structure
3. Placement of social media buttons
4. Are there free, unlimited updates?
5. Does it offer tech support?

Branding matters from the beginning

What is your identity?
Go as niche as you can, while considering growth & potential changes
Choose your blog name carefully

How do I structure my website?

1. Long-term vision
2. Broad, shallow pyramid is better than a deep pyramid
3. Mindmap
4. Index card method

How to structure your blog posts

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Lede (or your first sentence)
  • Featured Image
    • Visuals will make or break your article
      • Make sure you obtain them legally
      • Where to source images
        • Take your own (watermark)
        • With permission from the image owner: Facebook page, website
        • Unsplash.com
        • Canva.com
        • Creative Commons: Flickr, Google, Wikimedia
        • Instagram embed
        • Twitter embed
  • And of course, write great content!
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