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RVE 154: Amy of Go Pet Friendly on Building the Largest Road Tripping Site for Your Pet

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We believed that if people could see us doing it – I mean we’re not rocket scientists we’re not dog behaviorists – we’re just normal people doing the best that we can. If people could see us doing it all the time, then they would believe they could do it for a week at a time or two weeks at a time. That’s what mattered to me. Because this all comes back to a base philosophy of no matter how long our pets are with us, it’s never long enough.

The Burkert Family Story: 

While on vacation, Amy and Rod Burkert started to wonder what their dogs were supposed to do while they were all on the road. A CPA by trade, Amy started to research what the road had to offer their pups and realized that there wasn’t a streamlined resource that listed all of the pet-friendly places to visit while traveling. So, Amy and Rod launched Go Pet Friendly. The couple believed it would make sense to travel full-time while creating content for their new venture, but they did not anticipate it turning into a life of full-time RVing. Now, the couple and their dogs Ty and Buster live and work on the road. 

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Other things we talk about in this episode:

  • Getting out there to show people what it is you’re doing
  • The time it takes to compile multiple sources of information into one place
  • Working for nothing for a period of time
  • Asking yourself “are you doing what you want to do?”
  • Positioning your brand
  • Cultivating business partnerships in a purposeful way


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