We Have No Idea How to Travel with a Baby

Before Ellie was born, traveling was easy. Four-hour hike? No problem. Driving all day? Let me cue up Spotify. Eating at a nice restaurant? So romantic. We knew throwing a four-month-old and a foreign country to the mix would change … Read More

All the Countries Where You Can RV

After Heath and I RVed to all 50 states, I set my sights on the rest of the world. Where else in the world could we travel by RV? Turns out there are quite a few places where RVing is … Read More

Planning an RV Trip in Italy

In 2016, I told Heath that I had a new goal in life: RV in Europe. Fast forward three years and we are finally in Italy making it happen! RVing in a foreign country can be pretty intimidating. In fact, … Read More

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