RVE 0017: Jill Sessa Talks Travel Advice for Solo Female RVers and Running a Service-Based Business

RVE 0017: Jill Sessa Talks Travel Advice for Solo Female RVers and Running a Service-Based Business

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In this episode Jill Sessa talks about what it’s been like driving her RV (and scooter) across America for the past few years, while running a service based business from the road. Jill also offers up some travel advice for solo female RVers who are either on the road or are working towards full-time travel.

This conversation with Jill was one of the most relaxed, free-flowing conversations I’ve had so far on this podcast. Jill is a wealth of knowledge and has been doing this for longer than most of the people I’ve interviewed on this show.

A few other things we cover in this interview:

  • Should you rent or buy an RV for short-term trips
  • Why travel can be good for people like Jill who have ADD
  • How to build up community and meet people on the road
  • Staying safe as a female solo RVer

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  • Jill is a dear friend and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all-things-technical for WordPress blogs. She has been an invaluable resource for our own blogs and our clients’ blogs on many occasions. Glad you got to connect with her for the podcast!

    • I agree! She’s awesome and we talked about you guys on the podcast :). Btw, congrats again on the upcoming family member!!

      • Aw, sweet! I always read your podcast articles, but don’t always listen because of data. I’ll definitely tune into this one! Thank you for the congrats–we’re excited.

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