Risking Everything (Part 1)

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Two months ago, Jon Acuff invited me to something called “The Start Experiment.” I haven’t read his latest book, Start,  but Heath raved about it. I followed his blog since Heath loved him so much. All I had to do was … Continued

I Cannot Write A Book

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Sometimes when I read a book or a blog, I think to myself, I can do that. I can write a book. And I can write a book that’s bigger, and better, AND has way better cover art.  But then most … Continued

My Seven Month Sabbatical

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I recently put in my two months notice. Quitting is an odd feeling. Though I will soon depart and return to the motherland, I’m still here for a solid two months. This means continuing work and friendships knowing they will … Continued

Challenges and Surprises

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The past 48 hours: I poured a large bowl of granola. They said online to eat a couple hours before you run so you won’t get sick. I pulled on an old t-shirt I’ve had since my freshman year of … Continued

Living with Demons

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The first thing I do after dragging myself out of bed in the morning is move a giant pile of stuff. Suitcases, bags, mirrors–these are my bulwark in times of trouble. These are the only items which can protect me … Continued

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